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Study Guide | Philippians 4.10-23

Hi friends, Grace and Peace be with you this busy and hectic Thanksgiving / Black Friday weekend! It's rather fitting that we conclude our series Joy on the Journey...Read More

Study Guide | Philippians 3.17-4.1

Greetings, What an appropriate week to be looking at a passage that says “our citizenship is in heaven” not in the kingdoms of this world! We continue through the book of Philippians...Read More

Study Guide | Philippians 3.12-16

Hi friends, Despite what your favorite coffee shop says, it's not yet the Christmas season (though I'm sure their holiday blend is delicious!). We continue in our study of Philippians...Read More

Study Guide | Philippians 3.1-11

Here's this week's study guide on Philippians 3.1-11. In this passage, Paul discusses the good things upon which he used to hang his hat, declaring that he now considers them...Read More

Study Guide | Philippians 2.1-11

Greetings, Attached is the study guide for Philippians 2.1-11, a significant passage on an important character quality - humility. God bless you in your study. May you...Read More

Study Guide | Philippians 1.27-30

Wednesday Greetings, This week we’re looking at only three verses - but what great content in just three verses. I was challenged to whittle it down. May God continue to give us the...Read More

Study Guide | Philippians 1.18-26

Hi friends, This week we continue in our Joy on the Journey fall series on Paul's letter to the Philippians. Last week we addressed Paul's chains and critics; this week, his crisis...Read More