Venn Diagrams

I love Venn diagrams. The visual representation of all logical relations between a finite collection of different sets is just the coolest. Don’t you think?

A couple weeks ago a Venn diagram representing the different people who use the phrase “put your hands in the air” made it’s way around the internet. This diagram included bank robbers, DJs, preachers, and Mom Taking Off Your Sweater. A strange assortment of folks if there ever was one.

But take a look at it. I think you’ll agree that Venn diagrams—especially this one—are just wonderful.

Venn Diagram 1

A few weeks ago, our Elders spent a few hours retreating together, thinking about another Venn diagram. This one did not include phrases like “Listen to me, Buster” or “I know you’re better than this” (though I may have asked an occasional “Are you with me?”).

The Venn diagram we looked at was a little more like this one:

The Weekly,September 23rd, 2018 Updated 8.5x14-1

We talked together about how a life of discipleship involves all three of these areas. As something DJs and bank robbers and preachers would say, “Give everything you’ve got” - that’s a life of discipleship. It involves our head, our heart, and our hands.

One area of confusion is what we mean by Life Groups. I’ve been asked, “Does a Life Group mean I have to be committed for life!?”

No, no. A Life Group is any regular gathering where you study Scripture, grow in faith, and encourage and care for one another. In other words, it’s a place where you share life as you seek to become a disciple of Jesus—it’s something we all need.

So, are you connected in a Life Group? If not, as DJs and bank robbers and Moms Taking Off Your Sweater would say, “You know what to do.”

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Pastor Curtis

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