Mexico Mission Trip 2015

It was my privilege to again serve alongside our amazing High School students in Ensenada during Easter week.

Each year as we prepare for our trip we never know exactly what project we'll be doing once we get there. Some may ask, well then how do you prepare? We leave it in God's hands and we ask for Him to prepare us for whatever he wants us to do.

This year we removed a tile floor from a dorm that is used to house Mexican Seminary students from small towns that may not even have a church.

Good Shepherd students worked tirelessly everyday - chipping out tile, replacing floor joists, painting, laying backer board, vacuuming, sweeping and moving a ton of tile. Their day didn't end with that... each afternoon we traveled into town to play soccer and do a mini VBS at a neighborhood park. Being with the children is priceless. They have so little, but they are so happy.

The students did all the prep work for the next group to lay the tile and I am amazed at how hard they worked to accomplish this task.

Working hard + laughing lots = a perfect mission trip.

Blessed to be a part of it!

Sue Gilmore

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