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We seek to proclaim and enact the good news by serving in love around the world:

Anna Leeger

Anna Leeger is in ministry at Mission Training International, working with missionary families and their children (MKs) to train them in culture and language skills for the mission field.

Anna is an MK herself, who started working with children as a teacher in 2010 and moved to Colorado in 2015 to follow God's lead to work with MKs. Her vision is to see whole families experience effectiveness, endurance, and personal vitality on the mission field so that they can last in ministry for a life-time.

Here are some encouraging testimonials from families that have gone through her classes:

"We looked everywhere for a program that wouldn't just give us "childcare" while we were in class. MTI actually trains our kids for the mission field too!" - Jeff, India

"We have really appreciated everything we learned at MTI. I think it will help us transition to the field in a healthy way and hit the ground running. I think the program gave us ownership over our language learning, and shown us how we can acclimate to a new culture and team in a healthy way". -Sandra, Mali

"I walked away from MTI with more understanding and confidence towards language learning. I have also learned some invaluable tips and tools to help in transition. We have seen too, how we have been wrong in how we say Goodbye, and learned how to do it in a healthy way. You have prepared us to run the race in too many ways to mention". -Nick and Emily, Spain

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