Paul White, Associate Pastor

I’m an introverted artist who somehow ended up a pastor, proving - yet again - that God delights in using the unlikely. Along the way I married a woman who not only puts up with me but brings out my better side. Together we have three pretty terrific kids who aren’t yet embarrassed by their Mom and Dad (I know, it’s coming!). I’ve been at Good Shepherd since the summer of 2001.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Azusa Pacific University
                  Master of Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary

Responsibilities: Caregiving, Counseling, Spiritual Growth, Teaching

Interests and Favorites:

  • Books: The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes collections, Shel Silverstein's whimsical poetry and drawings, Anything by Wendell Berry, A Short History of Nearly Everything, The Art of Pastoring, Agatha Christie mysteries featuring Hercule Poirot but not Miss Marple, The Old Man and the Sea, Flannery O'Conner's short stories, Silence, The Great Divorce, Lament for a Son, Gilead, A Henri Nouwen Reader and many more...
  • Hobbies: Doodling in my sketch book, Painting (rarely, but furiously), Contemplative walks, Surfing, Jogging, Spending time with my family, Naps
  • Movies: Cast Away, The Shawshank Redemption, Amelie, Chocolate, Raising Arizona, Fletch, Papillon, Rushmore
  • Music: Anything that takes me from here to there
  • Places: My front porch, El Dorado Park - Area III, Big Bear, My surfboard
  • Sports: I don't play anymore but do watch and root for the Lakers, the Angels and the USC Trojans
  • Random Fact: I wear a size 16 shoe. I know!