Senior Adult Ministries | Hsi Lai Temple

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  • Date: February 8, 2018
  • Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Join us as we explore the Hsi Lai Temple, one of the largest Buddhist temples in the Western Hemisphere located in Puente Hills, Hacienda Heights. Hsi Lai means "coming to the West". The grandeur Chinese-style architecture is influenced by the Ming and Qing dynasty. This sacred monastery began construction in 1978 and was completed in 1988. We have a scheduled tour, that will cover the entire temple: the Bodhisattva Hall, gardens, courtyard and Main Shrine.

Lunch will be in the Temple Dining Hall. You'll enjoy a vegen buffet of carefully prepared dishes (a curried tofu, a rice noodle dish with vegetables and meat substitutes, tofu/cabbage/fungi stir fry, vegetables fried in a delicate batter, egg rolls, chop suey, corn soup with a soybean broth, salad fixings, and fresh fruits and steamed rice). Cost is $45/person.


Any questions, contact Carol Jaeger or 562/493.2553 x105.