Will You Be Our Donor?

Hello Good Shepherd,

We have been made aware of a unique need within our church family. Many of you know David and Rebecca Lara who have made Good Shepherd their church home for several years. Rebecca has been battling cancer for some time now and we have supported her in that struggle. Now, Dave has a need.

Please read Rebecca’s words below and support this couple with your prayers. If you feel led to respond to their request all the info you need is included.

In the peace and power of Christ, Pastor Paul


Will You Be Our Donor?

For the last two years my husband, David Lara, has been my caretaker in helping me battle terminal cancer. His care has helped change my status from “terminal” to someone who is just monitored. Unfortunately this stress has taken a toll on him and he has lost one of his kidneys to cancer. We have always been in the position of helping people (David served for 33 years as a law enforcement officer); it’s not easy for us to ask for help from others. But we are asking now. David’s faith as a baptized believer of Christ for over 55 years is helping him deal with his current health issue. 

Dave has recently been put on the waiting lists for a kidney transplant at both UC Irvine and UC San Diego. He is blood type A which is typically a 3-4 year wait. Currently, Dave needs to live on dialysis until he receives a transplant. He could get off dialysis much quicker if he had a living donor. Dave could take a kidney from a blood type A or a blood type O. If anyone is willing to be tested to see if you would be a compatible donor, either medical facility listed below will arrange this. Dave’s insurance will pay for all medical procedures. If interested, please either contact:

Living Donor Coordinator (714) 456-8796 *Option 4
UC Irvine Medical Center - Division of Transplantation
333 The City Blvd. West, Suite 1205
Orange, CA 926888
Fax: 714-456-8796; 


UC San Diego directly at 619-574-8612
Michael Chua, RN or Assistant, Alejandra Munoz. 

Either facility will send you written information about the donor surgery and answer any questions you have.
Thank you for your prayers and your consideration,

Rebecca (and David) Lara

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