What Do You Enjoy about The Open Table?

Why do you come to The Open Table Tuesdays at Good Shepherd?

When we conceived of this ministry we determined that there were so many reasons why members of Good Shepherd and our neighbors in the community would want to come together to share a meal that we couldn’t focus on any one group. We decided to merely provide hospitality and let the Spirit of God meet people however they came through the door.

For some it is a chance to sit down to a great meal with the family without the hassle of preparation or cleanup. For others it is a time of the week to sit with others over good food and share conversation and fellowship. It is a good quality meal that a person on a tight budget can enjoy each week. And some just like to connect with old friends at a convenient and friendly venue.

So, what is your reason: We would really like to know. Our volunteers work very hard each and every week to put a good meal on the table, to serve it and to clean up after it is done. They do this purely to serve in God’s kingdom and they thoroughly enjoy the experience. But, I think that we can do even more for our volunteers and let them know what their service means to us.

This Tuesday, tell us why you come! Tell us what Open Table means to you! It will mean a lot.

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