Study Guide | Matthew 6.1-6, 16-18


What an amazing four weeks of rest, recreation, renewal, and refreshment!

Our vacation was sheer delight and Connie and I are grateful to have had such a great opportunity for vacation. We enjoyed two weeks in Maui, time in the local mountains, visits with children and grandchildren, and a day at the Reagan Library - well worthwhile. I even managed to complete two long-postponed home projects.

That said, I am honestly delighted to be back and preparing for the messages this weekend.

Here is this week's study guide, which focuses on Matthew 6.1-6 and 16-18 wherein Jesus calls us to examine our motives for serving others, for praying, and for exercising spiritual disciplines. The bottom line? God is the “audience of one” in whose presence and for whose apporval we are to be living and acting. With my messages we will hear from one of our members who recently had the opportunity to “perform” for the “audience of one” about whom Jesus speaks.

I look forward to seeing you in worship, if possible.

With gratitude,
Pastor Jim

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