Study Guide | Luke 19.28-44


It's hard for me to grasp that we are entering the month of April!

It's that time for income taxes to be filed and property taxes to be paid. It's also the beginning of a special celebration for us - Holy Week.

We kick off this wonderful season with a focus on the events of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem as he was hailed as the long-expected Messiah. But immediately we get the sense that Jesus is not the Messiah of popular expectation. He brings God's Kingdom. He brings God's deliverance and peace... but he does so on his terms.

This study, based on Luke 19.28-44, will help you to explore Luke's account of the way Jesus was lauded as Messiah and lamented the fact that many would reject him.

God bless you as we enter into a very holy week,
Pastor Jim

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