After Thoughts | Jonah 1.7-10

This weekend we continued our teaching series on the Book of Jonah. After hearing the message, "Who Are You?", here are some questions from our small group study guide to help you and your family reflect on Jonah 1.7-10:

  1. Reflect on the ways you might tend to blame others for your own "calamities" in life. Can you be honest with God about your need for forgiveness? For inner healing? For humility? For gratitude that through Jesus Christ you are forgiven?
  2. Are there ways in which you, like Jonah, are reluctant to identify yourself as a child of God? How can you faithfully respond to opportunities to identify as a follower of Jesus? How can being honest about failures and guilt help others seek God's mercy?
  3. Reflect on Isaiah 40.22-23 and Psalm 33.6-8. Do you reverence God as described in these passages? How do these verses help you gain a clearer picture of God's greatness?

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