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Thursday Night at the Greek

On Thursday night, my wife Cassie and I attended a concert at the Greek Theater. The band isn't her favorite musical act, but I had been looking forward to this show since I got tickets back in December. With work commitments and a busy family life, it had...Read More

Let the Little Children Come To Me...

Last month, I attended the first of three two-week intensives required for my Doctorate in Ministry at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. One of the first assignments was a paper chronicling my faith journey, especially as it related to leaders in churches I attended...Read More

Pokémon Go and the Christian Life

I'd heard about it. I'd read about it. I'd seen it on the news. And then I saw it in action. Kids on my street were playing Pokémon Go, a new video game that allows players to "travel between the real world and the virtual world" finding and catching "more than...Read More

Hey, Big Head!

Growing up, most aspects of life came pretty easily to me. I aced my classwork, starred in sports, made others laugh and—as a bonus—the girls didn’t think I was too ugly, either. It was a recipe for disaster. Boy, did I get a big head. My head was so big...Read More

Monkey Business

Last Sunday, June 26th, we encountered the mid-point of Esther. At long last, after countless coincidences and ironies, we saw the tables turn, not because of Mordecai’s bold faith, nor Esther’s victory in the king’s contest for a new queen. No, as you may recall...Read More

The Unbusy Pastor

One of the books that I read early on in my ministry that continues to inform me today is The Contemplative Pastor by Eugene Peterson. While Peterson wrote the book with pastors in mind I believe it has a lot to say for clergy and laity alike. One of the convicting...Read More

5 Dumb Things Christians Say

The events in Orlando last weekend left me saddened, weary and a bit angry, too. It is so difficult to understand or make sense of something so evil. After those tragic events Christianity Today published an article by Karl Vaters titled, “5 Dumb Things Christians...Read More

Campus Flood Update

I want to first thank everyone for their patience during the recent construction delays related to the flood in our Narthex. We were able to move the process along with the insurance company and the new carpeting has been ordered. We will not have firm...Read More

Going Viral... In Such a Time as This

I’m grateful to be married to Cassie, a thoughtful and deeply committed Christian woman. Who has an incredible amount of patience. Here’s proof: She puts up with me! Earlier this week she had an interesting insight. But first, the back story... We live near...Read More

Morning Cartoons

Like all kids, my two little rascals love cartoons. What’s not to love!? They feature happy little characters in a story that always works out for the best in just a half hour. If only real life was like that! Okay, I’ll admit it: I, too, enjoy watching cartoons with...Read More