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"It Takes All Kinds"

“It takes all kinds” said a member of my small group, gently making fun of her husband’s rather direct style (which had just been on full display!). Certainly you’ve heard this phrase before. It’s origin is the Spanish novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes...Read More

Then Jesus Told Them This Parable...

This Sunday we begin our new series Going Viral, opening the Scriptures in order to be equipped by God to share the good news of Jesus. As we have discussed before, evangelism strikes fear and anxiety in many of our hearts! And while we...Read More

Fishing for Fish?

This week I had the opportunity to share lunch with a member of our church family. During our time together, he shared that he and his family spoke only Spanish in his childhood home. Once, in elementary school, a teacher asked him why he was delaying...Read More

He Is Risen!

"He is Risen!" "He is Risen, indeed!" These words will begin Easter Sunday gatherings around the world tomorrow, with over 2 billion Christians gathering together to declare their faith in the Risen One. And for good reason: Jesus' resurrection is no mere...Read More

The "E Word"

My firstborn child is now five years old - where the years have gone, I do not know! One of my and Cassie’s recent parenting challenges is responding to some of the new vocabulary our son has picked up at preschool. Nothing too bad, of course (it’s a Christian...Read More

Session-Approved Action Items - March 15, 2016

You may recall a new practice we've begun this year in an effort to increase trust and transparency between Good Shepherd's congregation, staff, elders and deacons. As previously noted, we will be posting here on our blog Session's monthly...Read More

High Trust, Low Control

I hope you apprecated learning more about the ECO National Gathering from members of our staff these past few weeks. If you missed any of their posts, click on any of the following names to read feedback from this great event: Paul White...Read More

Dispatches from the ECO National Gathering, Part 3

This week we continue our series of notes where members of our leadership team report back from the ECO National Gathering. This week, Director of Administration Thea Walker and Director of Children's Ministries Michelle Heath share their thoughts:...Read More

Session-Approved Action Items - February 23, 2016

If you attended our annual congregational meeting, you may recall my saying that we need to increase trust and transparency amongst Good Shepherd's congregation, staff, elders, and deacons. To that end, in hopes of increasing trust and transparency...Read More

Dispatches from the ECO National Gathering, Part 2

How can Good Shepherd support and equip families to be the primary spiritual caregiver for their children? Youth group activities, missions trips, devotionals and intentional discipleship of youth are all important to give kids the best chance to be life-long followers...Read More