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Dispatches from the ECO National Gathering, Part 3

This week we continue our series of notes where members of our leadership team report back from the ECO National Gathering. This week, Director of Administration Thea Walker and Director of Children's Ministries Michelle Heath share their thoughts:...Read More

Session-Approved Action Items - February 23, 2016

If you attended our annual congregational meeting, you may recall my saying that we need to increase trust and transparency amongst Good Shepherd's congregation, staff, elders, and deacons. To that end, in hopes of increasing trust and transparency...Read More

Dispatches from the ECO National Gathering, Part 2

How can Good Shepherd support and equip families to be the primary spiritual caregiver for their children? Youth group activities, missions trips, devotionals and intentional discipleship of youth are all important to give kids the best chance to be life-long followers...Read More

Dispatches from the ECO National Gathering, Part 1

This morning we begin a series of posts where members of our leadership team report back from the ECO National Gathering, which took place at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach, January 26th-28th. This week, Associate Pastor...Read More

ECO National Gathering, This Sunday, and Beyond!

This past Tuesday through Thursday was the ECO National Gathering, held this year at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach. After previous years were spent travelling to Orlando, Florida and Dallas, Texas, it was great to be able to return to...Read More

10 Reasons to Attend the Annual Congregational Meeting Instead of Watching the Broncos-Patriots Game

The rumors are true. We actually scheduled our Annual Congregational Meeting for this Sunday, January 24th at 12pm, in the final weeks of the NFL season. And yes, that will interfere with watching the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos football game...Read More

Everyone Plays

Last Saturday, during our Elder and Staff retreat, Pastor Paul received a text message that his son had scored a basket in his youth basketball game. We all joined him in celebration for his son's two points! I wasn't as successful in my youth sports...Read More

Learning Backward, Planning Forward

In recent weeks, in this space, we have both reflected upon 2015 and looked ahead toward 2016. It’s an important exercise, not only looking ahead to the future, but processing where we’ve been. Just this week, I ran across a quote from John Dewey...Read More

2016: A New Beginning

If you’ve ever been trapped in a hotel room and a man named Gideon had been there first and you opened the book he left behind, you would find on the first page these words: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was...Read More

2015... What a Year!

2015… What a year in the life of Good Shepherd! It was a flurry of activity the whole year through! Think of all we’ve gone through in just the past twelve months… At our Annual Congregational Meeting in January, the Covenant Partners of our church...Read More