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Study Guide | When the Messiah Arrives: Isaiah 7.10-16

Greetings, Have you ever wondered about the prophetic words of Isaiah 7.14: "The virgin shall conceive and bear a son and will name him Immanuel?" That's in the text for this study guide...Read More

A Confession

In James 5.16 we are called to "confess our sins to each other." And, friends, I've got some confessing to do! Let me begin by stating what may be obvious: I love my job! I am so thrilled to be able...Read More

FLIPT Christmas Potluck

Hey kids! Want to get in the Christmas spirit?? Come join us December 15th at 6:30! FLIPT will be having its first Potluck Christmas party! We have a FULL fun night planned out...Read More

New Growth Opportunities

In January 2011, three new opportunities to Grow in Faith will be available. N.T. Wright's Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, beginning January 18th in...Read More

Study Guide | When the Messiah Arrives: Isaiah 35.1-10

Greetings, Here is our study guide for this week's passage, Isaiah 35.1-10. I have come to enjoy the challenge of preparing these study guides and hope you are finding them useful. One thing...Read More

Study Guide | When the Messiah Arrives: Isaiah 11.1-10

Greetings, Here is the study guide based on Isaiah 11.1-10, Matthew 3.1-12 and Ephesians 1.13-14, our texts for December 5th, the Second Sunday in Advent. With gratitude for you....Read More

Family Advent Night

This Saturday, November 27th at 4pm is our annual Family Advent Night! All are welcome to this opportunity to share a soup dinner, sing Christmas carols led by Peggy Duquesnel Malbon...Read More

Study Guide | When the Messiah Arrives: Isaiah 2.1-5

Hi friends, Here is the study guide for November 28th. This text, Isaiah 2.1-5, is the first in a series of studies and sermons for Advent. This Advent Season is a special time for us to look...Read More

When the Messiah Arrives

Beginning this Sunday, November 28th at all three worship gatherings, we will be taking a break from our Gospel of Mark series to prepare for advent. The advent series, When the ...Read More

Study Guide | The Gospel of Mark 12.1-12

Hello, November 21 already? Where has 2010 gone? Here is the study guide for Mark 12.1-12. We continue through the final week of Jesus' ministry and the conflict with the religious...Read More