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Study Guide | The Gospel of Mark 13.14-27

Greetings, The passage for February 6th is very interesting as Jesus continues to lay out events that will unfold in the near future and how they will affect a significant change in God's provision...Read More

Study Guide | The Gospel of Mark 13.1-13

Greetings, We get into some very challenging material in our text this week as Jesus begins to talk about "the end" - Mark 13:1-13. My hope is that this study guide will enable you to get into...Read More

Study Guide | The Gospel of Mark 12.35-44

Greetings, As we move into 2011 consider this: It is 11 years since Y2K... remember that? It is soon to be 10 years since the events of 9/11/01. And, we are here as a church to help others...Read More

An Update from Matt & Michelle

Hi friends, I recently received this update from Michelle Swaney, who, with her husband Matt, ministers to college students through Campus Crusade for Christ. If you have any questions on how to...Read More

Study Guide | The Gospel of Mark 12.28-34

Hi friends, How goes it? I hope and pray this finds you well. We continue our journey through the Gospel of Mark this Sunday, seeing a fairly familiar exchange between Jesus and another...Read More

Study Guide | The Gospel of Mark 12.18-27

Happy New Year! I am enthused to be getting back to our in-depth study of the gospel according to Mark. Here is the study guide for Mark 12.18-27, our passage for this Sunday, January...Read More

Study Guide | The Gospel of Mark 12.13-17

Hi friends, I hope and pray this finds you well. This week we return to our study of the Gospel of Mark, picking up on a fascinating passage wherein Jesus discusses our allegiance to earthly...Read More

Study Guide | When the Messiah Arrives: Isaiah 63.7-9

Hi friends, Here's Pastor Jim's study guide for our final Advent text for this Sunday, December 26th: Isaiah 63.7-9. Hope that it helps you grow in faith this Advent season! Grace and Peace....Read More

End of Year Financial Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, we need your help! “Very Challenging” is the phrase that best describes our financial situation at Good Shepherd. Mindful of our calling to make...Read More

Christmas Eve Gatherings

As in years past, Good Shepherd is offering three different Christmas Eve gatherings this Friday night: Our 4pm Family Gathering is specifically designed for parents and their little ones...Read More