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The Red Sox and the Yankees. Tom and Jerry. UCLA and USC. Batman and the Joker. Coke and Pepsi. The Hatfields and the McCoys. Classic rivalries are all around us. Here's one you may have never thought of: 9am Classic and 10:45am Modern...Read More

Even Better Than Bounce Houses!?

My family and I live on a quaint little street near El Dorado park. It’s common on weekends to drive by epic birthday parties and large family reunions sprawled out in the vast open space of the historic park. My children, 4 and 7, always feel left out of playing on the...Read More

Clint Eastwood, the Trinity, and Life Groups

In the movie Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood’s character likes to torment his priest by asking him questions that are incredibly difficult to answer. One question he asks is about the Trinity......Read More

Who Is This Man?

Sunday we began a new series we’re calling Who Is This Man? Despite the new series title, we’re continuing in the Gospel of Luke, which we began for Advent in December and will continue until Easter in April! “Who is this man?” It’s a question that...Read More

Peace Be With You!

One of my favorite parts of preaching is words. Which isn’t all that surprising. I use a couple thousand of them in each sermon (though sometimes one or two of them are repeats). It’s not the amount of words I like (surprise though it may be)...Read More

Four Little Words

This fall we engaged the call to create Christian community in our series One Another. Our bulletin cover and PowerPoint background was a serene forest of trees, deep in some secluded forest. The inspiration for that image came from aspen trees,...Read More

We Should Build a Confession Booth

Our goal this year at Good Shepherd is to go deeper into community so that we can go further out in faith. If you haven't heard about that, learn more here. The desire to go deeper into community has prompted us to explore the "one anothers" found...Read More

No Martin Luther Costumes at Target?

This week is Mission Sunday (remember to come early 2nd service folks!) and also marks the anniversary of an important moment in church history. 500 years ago, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted a copy of his Ninety-five Theses...Read More

Cast Upon a Horrible, Desolate Island

I am cast upon a horrible, desolate island, void of all hope of recovery. I am singled out and separated, as it were, from all the world, to be miserable. I am divided from mankind – a solitaire; one banished from human society… I have no soul to speak to or relieve me....Read More

Audio-Frequency Induction Loops

Did you know our sanctuary is equipped with a high-tech device to meet the needs of those with reduced ranges of hearing? Well, it is! Last summer we installed “audio-frequency induction loops” - better known as a “hearing loop.” This device is a...Read More

The Shrewd Manager?

This summer we've been engaging the parables in our series The Stories Jesus Told. You may recall how, a couple months ago, I invited anyone in our community to “tell us what to preach on.” Any story Jesus tells, we'll preach on it. Your favorite parable?...Read More

Praise the Lord!

I'm not sure God intended us to have favorite passages in the Bible, but, I suppose it's only human to be drawn to certain parts of God's Word that speak to us in a special way. One of my "favorites" (if that's okay!?), is Psalm 150:...Read More

If We Stop to Think About it for Two Minutes...

After two weeks in Charlotte, North Carolina, at a second-year residency for my Doctorate in Ministry, it is good to be back! And no, I don't miss the humidity! I am grateful for how Josh and Paul kicked off our summer series, The Stories Jesus Told....Read More

They Will Know Us By Our... Happiness!?

Sunday we continue our series They Will Know Us By Our Fruit, inspired by Jesus’ teaching in Luke 6: No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from...Read More

Ash Wednesday Gathering

The season of Lent is the 40-day period that culminates with the celebration of Jesus’ victory over death on Easter Sunday. Lent has traditionally focused on self-reflection, repentance, and a re-awakening of our commitment to follow the way of Jesus. ...Read More

The Rearview and the Windshield

It’s important to remember. Imagine forgetting your wedding anniversary or your best friend’s birthday! If you’ve ever forgotten an important date - or had an important date of yours forgotten - you know firsthand how important remembering is....Read More

Starting 2017 Right

The first Sunday of every month we celebrate Communion. And our worship attendance is always highest on those days - probably for that very reason. But what happens when the first Sunday of the month is the first Sunday of the year and that first Sunday...Read More

The Third Character

It happens in movies all the time. Two characters are engaged in some surprising conversation or activity when a third character reacts incredulously. That third character can’t believe what they’re seeing or hearing. And in so doing, they model for us - the viewer...Read More

The War on Christmas (Is In Our Hearts)

A juxtaposition is defined as "two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect." I’m sure there are a few in this weekend’s movie release, Rogue One, which continues the Star Wars franchise. There’s certainly one in this week’s...Read More

Greek 101

It’s time for your Greek lesson! (I know what you’re thinking: “Don’t we get enough Greek in your sermons on Sundays!?” And, fair enough. Maybe so. But this one will be short. I promise.) Good Shepherd is a Presbyterian church. This describes not only our...Read More

Running, Again

The past few weeks, I've been trying something new: running. Well, it's not entirely new, since I used to run cross country and track in Junior High and High School. But it's been a while! Trying to run again has been challenging and uncomfortable. The day after...Read More

Hey, Big Head!

Growing up, most aspects of life came pretty easily to me. I aced my classwork, starred in sports, made others laugh and—as a bonus—the girls didn’t think I was too ugly, either. It was a recipe for disaster. Boy, did I get a big head. My head was so big...Read More

He Is Risen!

"He is Risen!" "He is Risen, indeed!" These words will begin Easter Sunday gatherings around the world tomorrow, with over 2 billion Christians gathering together to declare their faith in the Risen One. And for good reason: Jesus' resurrection is no mere...Read More

Dispatches from the ECO National Gathering, Part 3

This week we continue our series of notes where members of our leadership team report back from the ECO National Gathering. This week, Director of Administration Thea Walker and Director of Children's Ministries Michelle Heath share their thoughts:...Read More

Dispatches from the ECO National Gathering, Part 2

How can Good Shepherd support and equip families to be the primary spiritual caregiver for their children? Youth group activities, missions trips, devotionals and intentional discipleship of youth are all important to give kids the best chance to be life-long followers...Read More

Dispatches from the ECO National Gathering, Part 1

This morning we begin a series of posts where members of our leadership team report back from the ECO National Gathering, which took place at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach, January 26th-28th. This week, Associate Pastor...Read More

10 Reasons to Attend the Annual Congregational Meeting Instead of Watching the Broncos-Patriots Game

The rumors are true. We actually scheduled our Annual Congregational Meeting for this Sunday, January 24th at 12pm, in the final weeks of the NFL season. And yes, that will interfere with watching the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos football game...Read More

2016: A New Beginning

If you’ve ever been trapped in a hotel room and a man named Gideon had been there first and you opened the book he left behind, you would find on the first page these words: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was...Read More

My Prayer this Advent Season

This season gets a little crazy. I only have 2.5 kids (the new baby is due in early April!). Huds and Harry have different schools. That’s 2 Christmas parties, 2 mornings drop offs and pick ups (I am so thankful for my wife being a full time stay at home mom!...Read More

Our ECO Introduction Video!

A few weeks ago, special guest Steve Stiles joined us on campus with his video camera, documenting our worship gatherings, classrooms, and life together. He did so as a part of an ongoing series sponsored by the Southern California Presbytery of ECO....Read More

To You Who Bring Small Children to Church

Hello Good Shepherd families, I came across this Article written by Charles Larry Stines. Parents please keep bringing your children into worship, they are his children and we need to be more like them, joyfully worshiping The Lord! You and your...Read More

8th Grade Baptism and Confirmation 2015

On Sunday, July 26th at both our 9 & 10:45 gatherings, we welcomed four new members to the family of Good Shepherd, baptizing and confirming them in their faith in Jesus. If you missed it, here's the video!...Read More

Pray Like Jesus

In the midst of declining religious commitment in America, one thing remains constant: prayer! Commenting on a recent study by the University of Chicago, the Washington Post reports: “American religion is on the ropes, but is has a prayer.” Author Scott...Read More

Pastor's Note | Sunday, May 17th

I am looking forward to our worship services this weekend at which we will be focusing on Ephesians 3.14-21. This is because Paul’s prayer for the believers in Ephesus is written out in these verses and it is a prayer that reflects the heart of the Apostle for those...Read More

Mission Affinity Group questions

This morning in worship I mentioned the role of Mission Affinity Groups in the life of every ECO congregation. The narrative questions we will be held accountable for are included below. If you'd like to learn more about Mission Affinity Groups, click onto ECO's website...Read More

Holy Week 2015

Gather at Good Shepherd this Holy Week to rejoice in Palm Sunday, reflect upon Maundy Thursday, remember Good Friday, and celebrate Easter Sunday! As always, children are welcome in each gathering. Nursery, childcare, and children's classes...Read More

Christmas Eve at Good Shepherd

Join us to celebrate Christmas on Wednesday, December 24th at 4, 7 or 9pm! Our 4pm Family Gathering will feature children from our congregation who will retell the Christmas Story, with an opportunity for us to sing our favorite carols. Our 7 & 9pm...Read More

ECO National Gathering Videos

Monday, August 18th through Wednesday, August 20th, I, Pastor Jim, Elders Roberta Ramont and Sue Nelson Brown attended the 2014 National Gathering of ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians in Dallas, Texas. I know - Dallas, Texas...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, July 26th

Getting to the heart of God’s Story! “God goes to great lengths to rescue lost and hurting people. That is what The Story is all about - the story of the Bible, God’s great love affair with...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, April 26th

David and Goliath. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a reference to this epic encounter? The giant Goliath who embodies the threat of the Philistine army as it...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, March 22nd

Our 3 year old, Moses, is on our church campus at least three times each week: Sunday mornings for worship, Wednesday mornings for Mom's Connect, and Wednesday evenings...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, January 11th

What are the chances!? It was a mere couple of hours after we thought together about "Eating Together" last weekend that I saw it. Since my wife, Cassie, was still up north visiting family with...Read More

Children's Check-In Centers

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Guardians, At Good Shepherd, nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of your children. That’s why we partner with KidCheck...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, January 6th

After giving - and receiving! - presents Christmas morning, after eating Christmas dinner that night (with that extra slice of pie, because, "Why not? It's Christmas!"), after ringing...Read More

New Gathering Schedule | From the Session

Greetings from Pastor Jim, I am writing on behalf of our Session and its Worship Team with a very important report from our Session meeting last evening. For some time we have...Read More

Pastor's Note | Monday, April 29th

For the past few weeks we have been engaging the roots of biblical Christianity in a series we're calling Rooted: In the Soil of a Vibrant, Growing Faith. Each week in our sermon...Read More

Pastor's Note | Monday, April 8th

Hi friends, I was so sorry to miss gathering for worship this weekend, especially as we began our new series. I was unable to join you as I am currently in Springfield, Missouri, ...Read More

Pastor's Note | Monday, March 25th

It's been said that teachers teach what they need to learn. I've come to believe the same is true for preachers' preaching. Or, at least, it is for me. Last weekend we engaged...Read More

After Thoughts | "Follow Me"

John Calvin, father of the Reformed tradition, once wrote that "human nature, so to speak, is a perpetual factory of idols." Now, remember, idols are inherently good things that are...Read More

Marble, Soap, Dust

Ash Wednesday is one of my favorite days in the church calendar. Now, that may seem rather morbid, considering that it's a day to remember our mortality. But my appreciation doesn't...Read More

Congregational Celebration and Business Meeting

The Annual Congregational Celebration and Business Meeting is set for January 29th at 7pm in the Sanctuary of Good Shepherd. I hope you will plan to attend this event to give thanks to God...Read More

A Festival of Carols 2012

On Saturday, December 3rd, our Chancel, Bell and Children's Choirs with orchestra presented our annual Festival of Carols. If you missed it, look no further!...Read More

Election Night Communion Gathering

Tuesday, Novmber 6th is election day. It's a day filled with hopes and dreams for the future of our country, a day that presidential candidates and political parties have been...Read More

After Thoughts | Richard Wilkinson

This weekend we thought together about Jesus' words in Matthew 6.19-43, including His commandment that we not "treasure up treasures on earth," but instead respond...Read More

After Thoughts | Les Miserables

This past weekend, we thought together about Jesus' invitation to life a live free of revenge, instead seeking to counterculturally love our enemies and pray for those who persecute...Read More

After Thoughts | Jonah 1.11-17

This weekend we looked at Jonah 1.11-17. Here's some questions from our study guide to guide reflecting on the passage and message: Are there things you feel you have to do...Read More

After Thoughts | Jonah 1.4-6

This weekend we continued our teaching series on the Book of Jonah. After hearing the message, here are some questions from our small group study guide to help you and...Read More

After Thoughts | Jonah 1.1-3

This weekend we began a number of new opportunities to connect with God, grow in faith and serve in love, including a new teaching series on the Book of Jonah. After hearing...Read More

New Saturday Evening Gathering

After months of dreaming and praying, planning and preparing, on Saturday, April 14th at 5pm, we're kicking off a brand new worship gathering opportunity for our congregation...Read More

Christ in the Passover

Whenever we celebrate the Lord's Supper in each of our three worship gatherings, we remember the words of Jesus, which are commonly referred to as "The Words of Institution"...Read More

Upcoming Christmas Events

Hello Good Shepherd Family, There are many things taking place during this Advent Season that are for your edification: The Festival of Carols choir concert is this Saturday, December...Read More

Children's Promotion Sunday

Dear GSPC families, It’s hard to believe that the school year is speedily coming to a close. With that, we want to keep you informed with what that means for your children. On June 12th...Read More

Celebrate Easter!

Ah yes, Easter. The one day out of the year children look for brightly colored plastic eggs filled with candy and lunch with the family is mandatory. And that's it. Or is it? Could there be more...Read More

The Letter to the Hebrews

Hi friends, I hope this finds you well in this Lenten season, as we journey toward the Resurrection! I encourage you to be thinking about those you know who need to hear the good news...Read More

Ash Wednesday

Greetings Good Shepherd Family, We are approaching a special season of the Church year - the season of Lent that leads us once again to the events of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection...Read More

Christmas Eve Gatherings

As in years past, Good Shepherd is offering three different Christmas Eve gatherings this Friday night: Our 4pm Family Gathering is specifically designed for parents and their little ones...Read More

When the Messiah Arrives

Beginning this Sunday, November 28th at all three worship gatherings, we will be taking a break from our Gospel of Mark series to prepare for advent. The advent series, When the ...Read More

New Members Class

You're invited to a special opportunity to become a part of the Good Shepherd family of faith this Saturday, October 23rd. The bi-annual new members class offers a chance to learn more about...Read More