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Pastor's Note | Saturday, September 27th

Our Town Hall Meeting on September 21st was well attended and included significant information, helpful questions, and good dialogue. Last year, as I began to look forward to retirement in 2016, I was convinced it would be in the best interest of...Read More

Town Hall Meeting | Saturday, September 21st

On Sunday, September 21st the Good Shepherd community gathered in the Sanctuary to be updated on our denominational transition and hear a report from Don Goehner, who served as a consultant earlier this year regarding upcoming staff transitions. If you...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, September 20th

One of my favorite stories is about a young Navy Commander whose leadership was tested one day when his ship was threatened by an unidentified aircraft that was closing rapidly. As the account goes, the alarm was sounded, calling the crew to their...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, September 13th

Have you saved the date? I’m referring to Sunday, September 21st at 6:30pm, to be specific. The Session is inviting you to a Town Hall Congregational Information Meeting that is of real significance. Through the summer months two very important...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, September 6th

I'll give you the bad news first: Summer is over. And now the good news: Fall is here! As students head back to school and adults return to a busy season at work, many of us mourn the loss of summer's long days, time spent leisurely laying (or actively...Read More