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Pastor's Note | Saturday, May 24th

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Isaiah 40.28-31 in which the Lord asks the people of Israel a profound question in the midst of the threat of captivity in Babylon: Do you not know?...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, May 17th

Our recent series of messages around the theme The Art of Battling Giants has been particularly meaningful to me and I hope it has been significant to you as well. In particular I have been...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, May 10th

God bless our Mothers! Though it is not one of the holy days found on the Church calendar that point to the marvelous deeds of God, Mother's Day offers a very unique opportunity...Read More

Pastor's Note | Saturday, May 3rd

Sometimes it's easy to long for an earlier time of life - one that was simpler, for one reason or another. Having children of our own has prompted my wife, Cassie, and I to recognize the...Read More