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Study Guide | 1st John 3.19-24

Hi friends, This weekend we continue the Summer of Love, our series in the Letter of First John. We have heard John’s chorus, time and time again, the command that we love one another...Read More

Study Guide | 1st John 3.11-18

Have you ever been asked a loaded question? You know, that's when the person asking already has a perceived answer in mind? This week, as we continue our Summer of Love...Read More

Study Guide | 1st John 3.4-10

Greetings Good Shepherd Family, The study guide on 1st John 3.4-10 is attached. This weekend we will be looking at this passage in which we find more of the identity of followers...Read More

Pastor's Note | Monday, July 8th

Ellen (not her real name), like many people today, is looking for a church home. She has taken the time and invested herself in a number of different churches - studying what...Read More

Study Guide | 1st John 2.28-3.3

Hi friends, I hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July! Have you ever heard the expression "Like father, like son"? It's said pretty regularly at my house, as my wife is convinced that...Read More