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Pastor's Note | Monday, July 1st

We woke this past Wednesday morning to news stories that began like this report from NBC News: In a pair of landmark decisions, the U. S. Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down...Read More

Study Guide | 1st John 2.18-27

Hello Friends, Here is the study guide for the passage we’ll be looking at this Saturday and Sunday, 1st John 2.18-27. Hope to see you in worship this weekend - the “sermon” is going to be...Read More

New Gathering Schedule | From the Session

Greetings from Pastor Jim, I am writing on behalf of our Session and its Worship Team with a very important report from our Session meeting last evening. For some time we have...Read More

Pastor's Note | Monday, June 24th

Ah, summer! For me the season brings memories of my earlier years; of long, warm days spent at the neighbor's pool, trips to the beach to lounge in the hot sun and swim and surf for hours...Read More

Study Guide | 1st John 2.12-17

Greetings, Here's the Study Guide for our passage this week 1st John 2.12-17, along with a reminder and a note. The reminder is regarding the Town Hall meetings scheduled for this evening...Read More

Pastor's Note | Monday, June 17th

Saturday morning I joined Pastors Jim and Paul, as well as a number of Elder Commissioners from our church at a Los Ranchos Presbytery denominational discernment meeting...Read More

Study Guide | 1st John 2.7-11

Hi friends, This weekend we're studing 1st John 2.7-11. In this passage, John engages what the church is supposed to look like, as it reflects Jesus not only to the outside world...Read More

Pastor's Note | Monday, June 10th

I was sitting in my office while one of our Good Shepherd family was reading John 15.1-8 out loud in preparation for reading it in our worship service at 10:30am yesterday...Read More

Study Guide | 1st John 2.3-6

Hi friends, I hope this finds you well. We continue our Summer of Love series this weekend in 1st John 2.3-6, thinking together about abiding, remaining, and living in Christ, as well as...Read More