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Pastor's Note | Monday, April 1st

No doubt you have heard the expression "You can't see the forest for the trees." I tried to find the origin of this phrase and discovered it is not attributed to a specific person...Read More

Study Guide | Matthew 28.1-20

Hi friends, A blessed holy week to you and yours. It was an honor to join with many of you who were able to attend our Maundy Thursday gathering this evening. This weekend...Read More

New Campus Keys

Greetings Good Shepherd family, In an effort to increase the physical security of our campus, we have decided to re-key our locks. This work will take approximately two days...Read More

Pastor's Note | Monday, March 25th

It's been said that teachers teach what they need to learn. I've come to believe the same is true for preachers' preaching. Or, at least, it is for me. Last weekend we engaged...Read More

Study Guide | Matthew 19.16-22

Hello, I don’t know about you, but this series entitled not a fan has been extremely challenging and life-changing to me. We have to understand that Jesus does not want fans...Read More

Pastor's Note | Monday, March 18th

I once saw an image showing the earth being held by divine hands and an adaptation of the words of the American poet, T. S. Eliot: "He (referring to God) is the still point of the...Read More

Study Guide | Matthew 9.9-13

Hi friends, This weekend - on Saturday at 5pm and Sunday morning at 8:45 & 10:30am - we continue our Lenten series Not A Fan: Becoming Completely Committed Followers...Read More

Study Guide | Matthew 23.1-7, 23-28

Greetings, Here’s the study guide for our weekend focus on Matthew 23.1-12. We will see that Jesus is very harsh with those who opt to rely on external appearances and religiosity...Read More

Students Need A Spring Break: Our Annual Mexico Trip

When spring break roll around students around the country are excited about the opportunity to relax, hit the beach, and simply hang out. Who can blame them? High School is a...Read More

Small Group Discernment Opportunity

We will be presenting a series of small group opportunities Friday through Sunday, March 15th-17th, for you to hear more about the issues facing our denomination. These small...Read More