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Study Guide | Matthew 7.21-29

Hi friends, This weekend we conclude our summer series Build Your House on That, by engaging Matthew 7.21-29! After 11 weeks, we encounter the inspiration behind...Read More

Good Shepherd Goes Mobile!

Greetings friends, Our friends at Church Plant Media, who designed and host our home on the web, recently updated our content management system (fancy terminology...Read More

Study Guide | Matthew 7.13-20 (and a Note)

Greetings, As we continue through our “Summer on the Mount" we turn to a series of warnings issued by Jesus. Last week we focused on his warning about being discerning...Read More

Renew Your Ralph's e-Scrip

Hi friends, A few month's back we let you know about an opportunity to support our Women's Ministry simply by shopping for your groceries at Ralph's! What a deal, right!?...Read More

Study Guide | Matthew 7.1-12

Greetings friends, In Matthew 7.1-12, this week's passage, and study guide, we engage the difficult tension between judging (a necessary part of life) and being judgmental...Read More

After Thoughts | Richard Wilkinson

This weekend we thought together about Jesus' words in Matthew 6.19-43, including His commandment that we not "treasure up treasures on earth," but instead respond...Read More

Study Guide | Matthew 6.19-34

Greetings friends, Here's this week's study guide, on Matthew 6.19-34. In this passage, Jesus speaks boldly of God's providential care over us, inviting us to live lives free of anxiety...Read More

VBS Performance: One Night Only!

Tonight at 7pm in the Sanctuary over 160 children from our community will be performing songs they've learned this week at Vacation Bible School. All week they've...Read More

Study Guide | Matthew 6.7-15

Here's this week's study guide on Matthew 6.7-15. In it, we engage the Lord's Prayer - or better yet, the Disciple's Prayer - since in it, we are instructed how to pray! It comes right...Read More