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Study Guide | Jonah 4.1-4

Hi friends, Here's the sermon based study guide for this weekend's text, Jonah 4.1-4. We've journeyed with Jonah away from God's call on his life, which has taken us down to Joppa...Read More

The Weekly | Sunday, May 27th

FLIPT is wrapping up with a giant family BBQ on Wednesday, May 30th. Don't miss it! The main course will be provided, you bring a dessert to share! RSVP to Karen and be sure...Read More

Study Guide | Jonah 3.6-10

Hello Friends, Here is the study guide for Jonah 3.6-10. This week's passage is about an anonymous king but, as so often happens with Scripture, it's a passage about us, as well....Read More

After Thoughts | Jonah 3.1-5

This past weekend we engaged Jonah 3.1-4, in a message entitled, "The Real Me." These questions, from the study guide, will help you respond to the message (feel free to...Read More

The Weekly | Sunday, May 20th

Would you like to gain more understanding of God's Word and enjoy the fellowship of others on your spiritual journey? We are happy to answer those questions and more...Read More

Study Guide | Jonah 3.1-5

Greetings, Here is the study guide for Jonah 3.1-5, the passage for our teaching this coming weekend. I am looking forward to speaking about this text and pressing us to consider...Read More

After Thoughts | Jonah 2.1-10

This weekend we engaged Jonah's prayer from inside the belly of the giant fish. Here are some questions from the week's study guide to help you further engage with and respond...Read More

The Weekly | Sunday, May 13th

Good Shepherd's Children's Choir is excited to present "Good Neighbor Sam," a children's musical, on Sunday, May 20th at 2pm. This retelling of the story of the...Read More

Study Guide | Jonah 2.1-10

Hi friends, We continue our journey with Jonah, Israel's wayward prophet, this weekend. We've travelled with him from his call to preach to the Ninevites, down to the city...Read More

After Thoughts | Jonah 1.11-17

This weekend we looked at Jonah 1.11-17. Here's some questions from our study guide to guide reflecting on the passage and message: Are there things you feel you have to do...Read More

Women of Faith "One Day" Event

Women of Good Shepherd, don't miss out! On Saturday, June 9th, plan to attend the Women of Faith event "One Day" at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach. You will be blessed...Read More

The Weekly | Sunday, May 6th

Looking for a Mother's Day Gift? Women's Retreat Committee are selling beautiful flower bowls, herb gardens, and a new succulent bowl on the patio this weekend!...Read More

Study Guide | Jonah 1.11-17

Hi friends, We continue our study of the Book of Jonah this weekend at each of our three gatherings: Saturday evening at 5pm as well as Sunday morning at 8:45 & 10:30am....Read More

After Thoughts | Jonah 1.7-10

Reflect on the ways you might tend to blame others for your own "calamities" in life. Can you be honest with God about your need for forgiveness? For inner healing? For humility?...Read More